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Athos - Paracord Seat Belt

Our Athos paracord seat belts are 100% hand braided with paracord 550. They have a clip on one end that you use to clip to your dogs harness, and a buckle on the other end that will buckle right into your car where a regular seat belt would go. These work with most cars, even older models. We recommend the Athos seat belt only be used with a harness, not a collar. They are intended to keep your dog from jumping into the front or back seat, and to allow them to safely ride with the window open while being secured in the car. The Athos seat belts are not adjustable but are available in different lengths. Please be sure to get the correct length for your dog to allow them space to safely sit or lay down in the seat, but not jump out with the door or window open. 

Paracord 550 has a working weight of 550 pounds, is UV fade resistant, machine washable, made in the USA, and water resistant. 

Our seat belts are extremely strong - emphasis on extremely! Durable, soft, and lightweight. The colors are bright and fun with tons of different color combinations to choose from!

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