Paracord dog collars, leashes, and jerky treats, handmade in Hawaii

Kilimanjaro- Hands Free Paracord Leash

Our Kilimanjaro hands free leashes are 100% hand braided with paracord 550, have clips on both ends, and 3 secured O rings. You can use those O rings to attach the clips to and create either a handle, secure the leash around your waist or shoulder, or secure the leash around a picnic table or any other large heavy object. These leashes can also be used to walk two dogs at once, or used to walk your dog with a harness and collar for extra control if  your dog is a puller. Our Kilimanjaro leashes are by far our most versatile product!

Paracord 550 has a working weight of 550 pounds, is UV fade resistant, machine washable, made in the USA, and water resistant. 

Our leashes are extremely strong - emphasis on extremely! Durable, soft, and lightweight. The colors are bright and fun with tons of different color combinations to choose from!

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Kilimanjaro Hands Free Leash - Neon Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange *RTS
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