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Beef Shoulder Jerky Treats

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Single ingredient, dehydrated beef jerky for dogs and cats. Made with USDA approved Big Island grass fed beef. This jerky is dried at a low temperature to ensure as little nutrient loss as possible. We never add any preservatives, flavorings, or anything to our treats... Ever! 

Comes in a 4oz. bag.

Although these treats are made with human grade meat, they are not intended for human consumption! 

Because these treats have no preservatives, they are best enjoyed fresh. 


Feeding instructions: As with any new food, these treats should be introduced slowly, especially if your dog or cat is not used to eating this type of treat. Try with one or two small pieces at a time, and give your dog or cat a chance to get used to it! Once you know that they are not experiencing any upset stomach issues, go ahead and make these treats a regular part of their diet! They can be fed as a training treat, a high value treat for when your dog or cat does something good (who are we kidding, they're always good!), or as a meal topper. Simply sprinkle these treats on your pets food for added nutrition and variety.